Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Let's Play Catch-up

Haven't written in awhile so thought I might update those that are patiently waiting for something to be said, or you are just plain bored and need something to read....Whichever it is, I hope I can hold your attention.

We held our Pink Out game on Wednesday, May 4th, and I felt it was a success. I had two wonderful players of past help with everything and they really pulled it all together for me. The players looked terrific in their POW shirts and hot pink socks....way to represent. I have a great picture that will have to be posted once I get it downloaded. It was wonderful to see the crowd adorned in our hot pink shirts and knowing that they each contributed to our fundraising efforts. We were able to write a check to Project H.E.R. for $500 and present it to them last week. I am very proud of the girls and the effort they put behind this.

As for the season, we lost more than we won, but it was a growing year and there are only great things to come. I feel we learned alot and there towards the end we put up some really good fights, losing to Central and Newport by only one. Those are very big accomplishments. We have our end of year party this Thursday night, with costume contest - Rocker theme. I just may dye what little hair I have and really slather on the black eyeliner, along with some kind of outfit.....who knows, I may not too.

Coaching is bitter sweet at times and when your season is done you look forward to getting back to a less hectic and busy life, but you also know those seniors that you grew to love and respect, watch mature in the game are going to be leaving. I have a really special place in my heart for these few kids and getting through the awards ceremony is going to be tough.

I won't say this year of coaching was easy, quite frankly it was downright grueling to try and work full-time and be there full-time. I managed. It was good for me. I would have just sat at home feeling sorry for who wants to do that? The coaches I talked to couldn't believe I was even out there after all I went through, some others too. Why not? I have to move on sometime and what better time to than when surrounding yourself with a bunch of female teenage athletes. I can't think of a better way to spend my time. Sure, I am a role model, but this group of young women I get to coach everyday are role models of their own.....inspiring me everyday to put one foot in front of the other and do what I love to do. Thank you.....

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