Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dr. Onwere

Friday, January 14th, 2011

My appointment with Dr. Onwere, the on-call doc that needs to learn some phone ettiquette skills for sure. I am in the hunt for another oncologist for my one in Corvallis is leaving at the end of January, and my one in Portland is out for maternity leave for awhile and I need someone to follow me. Who will prescribe more drugs when I need them? Which is the most important thing. Everything else I can google and find out information.... oh the internet.....

Well, long story short, he is a good doctor and very knowledgeable, talks over me some, but we will work on that. I did have a severe allergic reaction to Taxotere, one of the chemo drugs, but we should continue with the two more to go. Stopping now really doesn't help my chances of a "cure" and they are "loading" me up on drugs to help combat another reaction. So I am antihistamines and steroids and hope I don't have the same adverse reaction as before. I am practically in tears, but there really isn't another option. Anthomyacin is one of the drugs, but being young they don't like to give it, and the chances of Leukemia are much higher after taking it, and I refuse. There is a conconction called CMF, but that is a waste of time and so we really need to stick with Taxotere....wonderful :-(

I walk out with the premise that is going to talk to Dr. Lee, my other oncologist that is still in charge right now before Wednesday when I meet with her so they are all on the same page.

Thank you and good-bye.....

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