Monday, December 6, 2010

Hair Cover Up

Or should I say, lack of hair cover up. Decided that I don't want to wear a wig, tried on scarves and hats today. Very hard to do, but a must for someone that will lose their hair. I was good until I got there, tough as usual, you know the Stephanie that can do anything. Nope... turned into a non-stop tear fest. I guess when faced with the actual reality of an event it makes it more real. Then to make the sobbing worse, got back to work and the cutest hat and scarf were sitting on my desk, well actually on the cardboard cut-out of my face that reads, "Stephanie's special personal handy hat stand. Do not remove stand from desk please." Who wouldn't cry? The kindness of others makes the tears worse I think, why would someone do this for me and it is amazing to have others be this nice and thoughtful for me. I appreciate it all tremendously and tearfully.

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