Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Let the Chemo Begin

Today had my appointment with Dr. Muth, my infectious disease doctor to determine if I am ready for chemo. My blood work is great, I feel great, I am healthy right?

I really love this doctor and he really does take the time to understand what is going on. And at this point the infection looks as if it is under control and we can move on BUT, it laid dormant before and who says it can't do it this time? And this time chemo will have my body and so my white blood count will be down and these are used to fight infection and if my little staph decides to rear its ugly head that could be bad. Talking hospital, very sick, and is it worth it? Dr. Muth still wants me on antibiotics for the next two weeks in a pill form but my PICC is coming out after my first round of chemo because that can have its own nasty little infection occurrence as well so as long as I am not on IV antibiotics it is best it comes out. And then from here on out I will have an IV stuck each time I do chemo.

It is a double edge sword because I need to start chemo but this infection needs to be gone and the only way to tell is time and a doctor's best educated guess. At this point I will start chemo on Thursday and then every three weeks I will have another dose of chemo for a total of four sessions and hope the infection has been destroyed. I am terrified of the possibility of it coming back, it could be deadly if I don't pay attention and catch it in time.

I will pay attention.

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