Monday, December 6, 2010

Post Surgery Follow-up

So, left expander is out, feel good, went and saw the plastic surgeon today - Dr. Havard. Everything looks good (well good as can be expected with just skin there and nothing else, oh... and stiches, tape and boy is it ugly).

So, he wants to continue to fill up the right one so the skin keeps expanding - three more to go - and it will be official... .I will be lop-sided. See, right now it isn't that bad, but once the right one gets bigger, it will become more noticeable. Oh, I know, you are saying, just put in a fake boob... Really, it is that easy right, just plop it in. Not sure it is that easy, but it will be my reality, yeah. So, this lop-sided-ness will last for six months and then we will go back in, put it back and start expanding. Fun, yeah, six months. At one point I had it all figured out. The timeline, everthing. Not anymore. I had reconstruction so prosthetic boobs wouldn't be on the agenda..... I love my life.......

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