Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cancer Free?

So, I think I can say it now, ok, right? Who knows, but here goes:

"I am now CANCER-FREE and it feels good!!!!!!" at least that is what my doctor told me yesterday, so I am going to go with it, I think..... Sounds good coming out of my mouth. And here is bald me right after chemo  #4. Not so pretty, VERY swollen from all the steroids, but I am HAPPY it is over. Well I still have at least the three weeks of side effects but once they are done, its done. Really, really, really.......

During this chemo we did have to stop for about 20 minutes for I was starting to get chest pains and a big lump in my throat. I took some puffs off of my inhaler, and we were back in business. They wanted to stop altogether and you can guess what I said, or maybe you can't, but here is what I was thinking but was much more polite in what I said, "We are not stopping, I can breathe, there is twenty minutes left in that bleeping thing, and I am gonna finish it." Momma didn't raise no quitter! Janelle just looked at me, and we started it back up. The feeling is still there, but it is a side effect that happens about two or three days in, but happens to be earlier. Oh well, it starts early, it finishes early.

So after this chemo my mom took me to Philomath to meet up with Jeremy and then we went to dinner - mexican, and my mom and aunt came down to celebrate. They all had margaritas, the real ones, I had a virgin. Alcohol and all the meds they gave me don't mix and shouldn't be mixed if you want the full affect of your meds...... I didn't come this far not to.

hahahaha the saddling up, facing fears and gathering courage really works, even if it was only a pretend horse. I don't have to brush her, put the saddle away, and clean up, I can just shut off my imagination this way.... less work. Good night, and Gypsy says good night too......


  1. Your a fighter sis but ill still kick your butt. Lol. I thank god everyday for a beautiful and amazing sister like you I wouldnt be where im at if it werent for your determination and you pusing me to be my best I love you so very much and am so happy you beat this monster so you can move on with your life

  2. so glad to know you're done with the chemo, Steph. you continue to inspire me and give me strength. soldier on!

  3. i am so happy for you that is great!!! I had a friend that just went through the same thing this year she is done with chemo and cancer free and got her reconstruction surgery recently. You are such a strong person and even though i only knew you for a short time i really looked up to you as a person and a softball player i havent got to play in years i miss it so much. I hope you just keep getting better and better all the time and it is a fast recovery! you will be in my prayers. You are a inspiration girl!

    cami shore used to work with you and the ambers at pepsi if you forgot who i was hehehe

  4. Yes, Cami, I know who you are. Thank you for your kind words and sentiment, I really appreciate it. You have a beautiful family too, I have seen your pics on facebook. Take care.....