Friday, February 4, 2011

And.... she returns!!!!!

Well, for me it is good news, for you... not so much. Don't care what you think just that I am happy about it (ha). Dr. Lee, my medical oncologist is still here, yippee, hooray, terrific! She left Corvallis Clinic and went to Samaritan Health Services and so now I don't have to see Dr. Onwere anymore and can continue my fight with Dr. Lee.

I can say that I am two weeks out from chemo #3 and nothing really to talk about. I have gotten a cold, that sucks, so instead of just being able to fight it off, it lingers making my life a fun place to be. I just have it in my eyes and nose, and my lids have swelled right up and just want to keep my eyes closed because they burn so bad. Nothing to write about, just wanted to bore those of you that are continuing to read.... hahahaha.

I want to sleep, and sleep, and sleep and I do that a lot it seems lately. Not really what I do, but when your body says stop, I decided I should listen to it. My house is a mess, the laundry is done finally, and I just want my bathrooms clean. It's the little things.

On a side note: I am surrounded by positive, wonderful, inspiring people that continually tell me I give them inspiration from reading my blog, from seeing me smile, hearing my obnoxious laughter - and it is obnoxiously loud, a real belly laugh. Funny... because without all of you, there would be no smiles, no positive outlook, and definitely no laughter. I have decided in my life to include in it only those that make me better....So to all of you - "CHEERS!" for being my inspiration, my reason to live, my living angels. It takes a village........

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