Saturday, March 19, 2011

Falling is for Sissies

We had a game today and it was supposed to be at home, but we got rained out and headed to Pleasant Hill. Things were going great, Jeremy, Darcy, Tricia and Tony were taking care of everything and so I really just had to coach.

On the way out to the field from the dugout I decided to start coaching a kid on her fielding and wouldn't you know it, I step, foot goes up, foot comes down and ball rolls right under me. I am falling. Now when you fall you really only have seconds to fully figure out how you are going to manage it - Put your hands out, face plant, roll, do a somersault..... not much time to really devise a great exit strategy.

Drum roll please......I start to put my hands out to catch myself and apparently thought better of it for I just tucked my left arm and rolled onto my side and back. I laid there, then rolled over onto my back and continued to do the self assessment to see if anything hurt anymore than it should. And wouldn't you know it, Jeremy was standing right over me and just picked me right up. He kept asking me if I was OK, while my brain was still doing a check-in with my various body parts. I was on some pretty good pain meds and things just don't tend to work that fast. I answered with an, "I am fine," so he brushes me off, Darcy and Tricia come over to finish the dirt brush off, and we all go back to pre-game.

My pride was much more wounded than any physical body part. It's hard to be cool when you're falling right after surgery......oh was terribly funny.

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