Thursday, March 17, 2011


So, my appointment with Dr. Lee was uneventful....I did the usual 45 minute wait, and she came in, was really nice, gave me a hug, looked at my ankles - swollen, then we talked about the Tamoxifen. I was off of it then for four days and they were the best four days of my life. I didn't realize how awful the stuff was until I wasn't taking it anymore. I have been sleeping, the hot flashes are less in most cases although sometimes I have a big one, I am not as restless, and now the swelling is going down.

She has taken me off of it and off of everything for now and we will revisit in May with my follow up and probably start on Evista. Oh, this drug has its own round of side effects and it doesn't treat recurrence according to all the stuff I have, why take it! I am getting a second opinion.

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