Thursday, March 17, 2011

Post Surgery - Left Expander

Apparently I forgot how much it hurt to have one's breast messed with and chest muscle expanded - OUCH!

I woke up in surgery recovery with very watery eyes and a whole lot of pain radiating from my left chest area. I will say one thing, "Why did I say no to the pain pump?" Stupidity! I had the chance to have it, Dr. Havard offered, I said no along with, "It can't be that bad..."

Let me tell you something sister it can!

The pain became manageable and they sent me home. Driving was awful and you feel every little bump, not comfortable. But we made it, and I tried to lay on the couch and watch TV but the pain was practically unbearable and the show Jeremy and I were watching was not taking my mind off of the pain. The pain pills were not taking the edge off AT ALL! Practice was at 4pm and I decided to go with Jeremy. No sense sitting at home trying to forget about the pain I was experiencing, at least by going to practice I could focus on something else so I wouldn't keep obsessing about how much pain I was in.

Practice was fun, the girls did sliding practice and loved it. Then we did some diving drills and played a game. Well, duh, I didn't do any of it, just stand around, but at least the pain seemed to lessen. Jeremy even brought a chair for me to use and sit in....didn't happen, just kept pacing and coaching, couldn't help myself. But hey, I wasn't thinking about the pain.

When I got home, Jeremy got the ice bags ready and I iced and fell right to sleep. The exercise was helpful, I am going to say.

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