Friday, January 24, 2014

Test Day

I was up at 3am today. Unfortunately the alarm was set for 6am....bummer

Blood test completed by 8:15am. And results please......we wait.


still waiting.....

do some crafting on a dresser for my brothers new baby to be. Jeremy, I and my sister are turning it into a dresser changing table. It turned out awesome! We are delivering it Sunday....can't wait....

and waiting some more....

oh, wait, phone ringing in my pocket. caller ID (I love caller ID) says Oregon Reproductive...ooh, ooh, ohh, Jeremy its them. Big breath, Hello?

We do all the pleasantries, hating it, just get to the point of the call. Finally, and, it is POSITIVE!

Tears instantly, Jeremy stoic as usual under his glasses, although I am sure his eyes watered up.


"Now, this is just the beginning and we do have more tests...blah, blah, blah"

All that is going through my mind is, it worked, my body did it, we did it, yeah! Don't steal my thunder, reality will still be there in 10 seconds once my moment is over - Running through a field of dandelions, smiling, singing....wait, OK I am back.

Next steps. Monday I will schedule another blood test. My magic number today is 17.32 and it should double about every other day, so on Monday it should be more than doubled because it will have been 3 days. Hmmmm, the math.....well it needs to be over 35.64 anyway. And then Wednesday I will take another blood test and guess what? oh, you got it, double again.

"OK, good-bye, will be there Monday!"

All the phone calls were made, texts sent, facebook posts done, adrenaline faded, exhausted......

I have so many wonderful people in my life that are supportive and encouraging, how could this fail? I have hope, and that is a good starting point.

More waiting.....

Until Monday.....Good night.

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