Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Advocate

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Advocates are wonderful. They are there to show you things that you might miss because all of this can be so overwhelming. Each of us should use them more in times of crisis so we don't re-create the wheel. There is something to be said of those that have gone before us.

We meet at 2:30 and just start from the beginning. She really cares about what I am going through and wants to listen, it isn't her job but her passion. There isn't really much more to tell than that of what I already knew. There are mentors they will set me up with, support groups to go to, and others who will help guide me. She gave me so much information and I am in the process of reading all of it, but it is alot. And then we talk the surgeon.

I learn that my plastic surgeon is straight, to the point, and by the book. He does great work, but you have to be willing to listen and stay on top of his rules. He slack, he isn't shy and will let you know it. More simplicities. If you don't like that kind of bedside manner, then I should go and find someone else. Joanne is going to have Caron give me a call, she is someone who had Dr. Faddis and Havard and can give me insight into her process. I leave, pleased with the outcome.

Caron called me that night I was headed out the door to go and watch Jeremy play some softball down at Timberlinn. I normally don't answer the phone when I don't know the callers, but lately I haven't known any of them. And we talk.

She tells me her process and how she was scared, and had that overwhelming feeling as well. She would get through it. See there is a bigger secret about Caron, she is an amazing woman. She had colon cancer two years prior, hysterectomy, and now this and her attitude was wonderful, and catchy. She told me the same things about Dr. Havard that Joanne did, and she said it was wonderful.

She gave me insight into things I never could see... such as nipples. Now this is the one thing I seriously have been fretting about this entire time because without them it would just look funny, and how would they make them, would it look natural? Hahahaha, this is where the insight comes in. She asks me if she could be candid, and of course she can, I want that.

"So, I was a teacher for 25 years for 7th graders, and I was constantly worrying about nipping out and 7th grade boys staring at my chest. I would search for bras to hide them. Now, I have the smoothest chest imaginable and it looks good in everything."

Perspective is key and fascinating.

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