Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blood Work

Alright, we are one week until my big surgery! Excitement, nervousness, tons of anxiety. I have all of my pre-op stuff to do, register, give blood, meet with doctors; the usual. Today I went up to the hospital to give my blood and it another interesting moment with this issue.
I go to the register, tell them my name, she looks for my order, and can’t find it of course. She asks me over and over if I really am supposed to do this, am I sure I am in the right place, on and on.
“I can call my doctor’s office if you want me to?” I ask. She says no and finally picks up the phone to call the lab. Amazing how making some effort  gets you to a better place. They have my order. WOW!
We move to the insurance part, this is my favorite part. She only has my husbands. I have been going to Samaritan this entire time and everyone else has both insurances, why wouldn’t you? Everything is connected right? My MRI, admitting for surgery, the biopsy, all had both so why wouldn’t you? I gave it to her, she made a copy, took forever to enter in the information, and I could finally get to the lab. Apparently they don’t understand I have to get to work and need to save as much leave as possible – I am thinking I will carry a sign, yes? No?

So, get to the lab, get right in, blood pressure is up because I just want to get out and on with things, she pokes me and I am done. By this time my attitude stinks! I walk out and on my way out, he is sitting there, daughter in lap. He sure looks great after all he has been through, I can’t get over it. We smile at each and say hello with the ‘how are you’s,’ what are you doing here’s (Jeremy hadn’t told him yet), and he says I am in his prayers. They call his name to go back and give blood. “Bye, take care!”
 You see, he has his own battle with cancer – brain. He is much younger, has a great wife and children, and he is here for his routine blood work that he has a couple times a month. His life has been completely turned upside down, inside out, and chaotic. And here I am, feeling sorry for myself, in a hurry, getting angry and losing control, my issue is small in comparison…..
One would think I’d get it by now.


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  2. It's nice to have frustrations put into perspective, but you have to remember that its ok to fell bad, be pissed off, or feel sorry for yourself sometimes too!
    I'm glad they were able to move up your surgery date, it will be nice to get to the finish line quicker :)