Monday, September 13, 2010

The Dreadful Biopsy

For those of you that have never had a biopsy before -DON"T DO IT!

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010 - Off to have the biopsy (there is starting to be a theme here with Wednesdays). Same place as my mammograms so I won't get lost headed up the hill to the hospital. My mom takes me up there, Jeremy had a dentist appointment, and really there isn't reason for anyone to be there except they require you to have someone to drive you home. Why, when they don't give you drugs or anything, but it is their policy.

I get to put the gown on and it opens in the front. Pam, my nurse, and I talk about the usual things, like what to expect, the weather and the dogs. The the radiologist comes in and says OK do you have any questions, I don't, I just want to get it all over with. So, she says get up on the table.

So, the table... wish I could draw a picture for you. It is so archaic and uncomfortable, you would think technogology had taken a stand still. It isn't even flat but rather concaved so your lower back is arched the entire time. I get on the table and there is one lonely hole, guess what goes in there.... that's right - the infected boob. What a picture I am painting you right. Laying face down, boob in a hole, and neck tilted to the left, while my right arm is beside me and my left is trying hard to stay comfortable, which isn't possible.

And we begin.....

"Are you comfortable."
"No, but I am not going to be let's just get this over with."

They laugh and begin to numb me up. Can't feel it, don't want to and the neck and low back are killing me. Then I cannot move and if I do we start all over.

"OK, hold still, you are going to hear a loud thump and want to jump but hold still."
I jumped, but not enough to start all over. It was incredible. Your hanging boob gets thumped with something hard and powerful and it jolts your whole body.

"Number 2 is done, just want to get a couple more." I continue laying there, really can't feel a thing. And they are done, but now the biopsy's must be x-rayed to make sure they got enough. I lay there and wait.

"Are you comfortable."
"Yes," I say but only because I am not sure she understands the dumbness of that question.

Pam comes back in and they need more. So the radiologist goes back in, grabs more, sends them out of the room with Pam, and I wait - she didn't ask again. Instead we talked about the song on the radio - good choice at this point, I was aching. Door opens, Pam comes in, and they have enough. I can get up and leave. They will call with the results.

Waiting is hard to do......

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