Friday, November 12, 2010

Portland Calling

Dr. Conlin's office calls to set up my appointment, goes through the questions: last name, birthdate, address. Then she asks me for my phone number, I pause at this one thinking, "You called me, you should have it right there in front of you...." I didn't remind her of that and told her, but it was quite a long pause. Then she says (this is where I laugh), "So we have nothing for next week and looks like we have a couple appointments available the following week."

"Uh, that isn't going to do. I am at six weeks since surgery on Tuesday, and I MUST start chemo treatment soon. I will see whatever doctor is available."

Pause....and she says, and I am not kidding (remember she knows my address, city Albany, just asked me), "Well, do you mind traveling? She has office hours here only one day a week, but in her other office she has more choices."

Hahahahahahahaha..... this is not laughter of ha-ha you are funny, but rather, ha-ha, are you that stupid?

"I am already traveling, I live in Albany, so anywhere I go would be traveling. Where are her other offices?"

"Beaverton," is the response.

Picture this..... Phone goes off the year, to the sky, fake scream, breath, count 10, and "That is just fine, please get that scheduled."

Tuesday, November 16th, 10AM, I see Dr. Conlin in Beaverton, suburb of Portland, already traveling, to get my plan started.

Oh, how I love waiting...........

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