Friday, November 26, 2010

Surgery #2 - Expander Out

So, I leave in a few minutes to get my left expander out. Not looking forward to it one bit. I hate the thought of going back under to have my chest cut open and the thing removed. I will then have a right one but a completely flat chest on the left. It won't get put back in until after chemo when my body is ready for more surgery. I am scared but becoming grateful. My left chest is swollen, hard and very, very red so it does need to come out. There is so much puss and gross stuff underneath the skin that it needs to be out of there. I get another drain too, can't wait for that.

This is supposed to be an in and out surgery and home later today..... I hope. Then tomorrow I head to Portland for my egg retrieval. Yeah, two surgeries back to back. Everyone wants that, right?

I lost control somewhere......

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