Thursday, October 7, 2010

Another Quick Update

Hello everyone!

This is another post on Stephanie's behalf.  She is still recovering nicely in the hospital, probably until Friday afternoon.  The combination of medicines and post-op recovery made her feel pretty sick for the last 2 days (it was tough to keep solid food down) so they wanted to wait 1 extra day to make sure she's feeling better.  She's been up and walking around a couple of times (good thing, because Stephanie is not one to just sit in bed all day!).  

As she would probably say, yeah yeah yeah, enough about me, let's get to the good stuff!  Her test results came in, and drum role please, everything came back negative and clear!  Testing of the lymph nodes came back negative (that's a good thing for you Office fans).  Biopsy of the tissue came back with clear margins.  They confirmed that the left side showed no signs of cancer after all, hooray!  One thing Steph forgot to mention earlier was the results from the BRCA gene test, which came back negative as well, which demonstrates less probability that the cancer will return in the future (if it had been positive, the probability goes up to 80% that it would return). 

All in all, nothing but good news to report.  I know Steph is anxious to get back to report to all of you herself soon.  Keep sending that positive energy her way!

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