Friday, October 1, 2010

Short is in, right?

Well, I did it, short, short hair. Way easy to maintain, no ponytails, and no rats nest when I wake up. Good, right? Not liking it yet, but getting used to it. Gonna bleach blonde it tonight after work, that will be fun. I love color! This is all setting in now.

Good thoughts..... stay positive...... keep smiling..... it will all be over sooner than I know.


  1. I love, love, love my short hair! I shaved my head last year with my friend when she started chemo I can't bring myself to go back because it's too fun! I think you just might like it. VERY low maintenance. Kinda edgy too. You've gotta post a picture after you bleach blonde it! Also, I think the Karma stuff is so true. But, when you're the one doing things for everyone else, sometimes it's hard to actually let people do for you... so, maybe you can practice. Tom and I would like to make a meal or 2 for you and Jeremy for after your surgery, we love to cook! What things are your favorites and what do you really dislike?


  2. Hey Wendy, thanks. I am trying to like it, I do and don't if that makes sense. I will eat anything, really, and it is appreciated. I had planned to get food ready for me but never made it.... Love all kinds of veggies, all kinds of flavor, all kinds of anything, Jeremy too. We are easy. He is gone until Friday night so I will be home alone til then. And yes, very low maintenance so I can worry about other things.