Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Part of me forever gone

Well Boobs, this is it, time to say good-bye, really, forever, for sure. You have been good to me, developed a little earlier than I really wanted in the sixth grade. The two of you got in the way alot when I just wanted to play basketball during recesses. I know there is a purpose but when you are a total tom-boy and just want to play sports and hang out with the boys, you just got in the way and kept setting me apart. I forgive the two of you, really, truly ;)

I won't have to experience the tendernouse anymore while during that time of the month, that is a bonus, right? No more sagging with gravity constantly pulling you down. I know that must be terrible to go through. You two were once perky and amazing and now you are just droopy and cancerous, too bad. I will miss you, but at least there is something to take your place. It definitely won't be the same, but at least I don't have to stress anymore about nipping out - love that part! That was always an issue for me and I won't have to ask Jeremy constantly, "Am I?"

Today is a start of a brand new relationship, it will be rough, intense, painful, emotional, erratic, crazy, and relaxing. It is kind of like waiting for Christmas, the anticipation is killing me. I have to remember all the things that have gotten me through the really hard times in my life, and there have been a few, and just look towards the final goal.

I CAN and I WILL are all I need to know

Where are you Karma?

Boots are on, ready to stomp!

Stupid Cancer! I hate you! Go AWAY!

Keep smiling, good thoughts, stay positive....

Slow down and remember to eat your fruits and veggies.

I have a new found strength and courage, yet it may have decided to hide under a blanket this morning, tears won't stop coming.


I CAN and I WILL are all I need to know.

I am in control, relax, take control of your breathing, no one controls me but me, take it, and keep perspective.

And we wait..... check back later, for Jeremy will be updating everyone when I get out of surgery. I need a TON of good thoughts my way this morning. Surgery is from 7:30 - 10:00.

Good bye boobs, I will miss you tremendously........ :(


  1. nothing but good prayers coming your way Steph:)

  2. you are on my mind now, and you will be on my mind and in my prayers ALL DAY TODAY!

    You are strong, you are powerful, you will come out of this even stronger and more powerful!

    We will wait patiently for Jeremy's update!


  3. (((HUGS))) You're amazing Steph! Sending you lots of good thoughts right now!!

  4. My sweet energizer bunny friend! All my strong thoughts are headed your way today of all days. I believe in you, I believe in all that you are capable of! Take it one moment at a time and your strength will conquer - NOTHING can change the true you.
    Seems like yesterday you came bouncing into my office at MCCOG ten times a day with questions or some ground-breaking idea - I miss you :(
    LOADS of love to you, Sarah