Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Quick Post-Surgery Update

Hello everyone....This is one of Steph's friends posting on her behalf since she doesn't have a computer in the hospital.  Here are some quick stats on how things went and how she's feeling:

Surgery went well - It took about 4 hours to do the surgery and phase one of the reconstruction (inserting the temporaries).  The doctor says everything went great!  They went ahead and removed 2 lymph nodes which is very normal, so they could test them to make sure it hasn't spread into the lymph system.  All of the results from any tests they are going to run should be back sometime Wednesday or Thursday.  They couldn't see anything in the tissue from the left breast once they got in there, so not sure what the MRI results from last week were showing, but still better to be safe than sorry.  They think it could have been a rogue lymph node as they can sometimes show up as a spot on an MRI.  

The doctor was able to fill the temporary inserts with 350 CCs of fluid, which is awesome since they were expecting to only be able to fill them with 100 CCs, 200 max!  The size she is going for is around 550 to 600 CCs, so she's already over halfway there!  She was very surprised and thankful to come out of recovery with somewhat of a chest already.  Hooray!

They have her on some good pain meds to keep her comfortable (as comfortable as possible anyway) that make her sleepy.  She's resting well and should know when she will be able to get out of the hospital soon.  Keep sending those positive thoughts and good vibes!

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