Thursday, October 21, 2010

Updates Gone Wild

Yeah, I am back… well at least for a few minutes. Typing doesn’t really bode well with this whole recovery thing so not sure how long I will last.
My thought was to update everyday of when I was in the hospital but way too much time has passed to do that and too much has happened since that everyone wants updates – feels funny to be so stinking popular (hahahahaha), so I will wrap it up all in one.
Wednesday, October 6th, 2010
So after my first adventure from bed I won’t just leave it alone – I must get up again. Goal is to get OUT of the room this time. So 12:30 hits, call the nurse, I am already starting to sit up, she helps me get the proper attire on, and I stand, shuffle, hold on to my IV and we venture out the door. There really is no fast to the process, just moving. Felt good, really hurt, sense of accomplishment. Get back to the room after just one pass through nurse’s station and now I am ready to get cleaned up – brush teeth, wash face, take a washcloth to myself, and just feel a lot better. And back to bed – YEAH!
2pm – My sister and family come to visit me. I was happy to see them, and Mason seemed a little scared of everything, very shy. Oh, but Hadley was oblivious. She had to show me her new pink glove and her pretty pink dress that she just had pictures in. They stayed 15 minutes, that was all that was allowed for the little ones.
3pm – I want to get up again. Same routine, but this time I walked past the babies, down towards the other nurse’s station and back. It was so exciting and I couldn’t wait to tell Jeremy. It was 4pm by the time I got back to my room, and I knew he would be off at 4:30 and back to the hotel around 5:15 and he would give me a call. He called, I was telling him, and apparently someone else had decided to steal my thunder. You see, she showed up as I was walking out of my room and she asked me if I was going to call Jeremy. I said he would be calling me and I would tell him them. I guess she decided it was her news to share. My feelings were very hurt.
Thursday, October 7th
8am – My doctors come in, not the actual doctor but the helpers. I ask one about my results and he says he will check on them. I knew they were supposed to be in today and couldn’t wait to get them. He left the room, came back and said I had negative nodes and clear margins.
I cried….. no words, just tears.
You see, I felt really sorry for the guy, he just stood there, not sure what to do and then he asks me, “Are those happy tears?” I nodded. He stood there quite awhile and then said he would see me later and I was doing great.
The worst part of that moment was being alone. There was no one to hold my hand, no one to get me a tissue, no one. I hope for anyone who reads this blog that has a spouse or loved one in the hospital – stay with them!!!! I know it is not fun just sitting in a hospital waiting for news – I did it for 2 months with my ex-husband – but when the doctors come in to give any kind of news, taking it as a team is much easier. I didn’t get to experience that at all. Each time I was alone. Work, bills and life will figure itself out, just be there for each other – through sickness and in health.
The rest of the day was uneventful. Jeremy came in around five from work, and he said he was off Friday -  for his foreman seemed to remind him his wife was in the hospital and he really needed to be there. And that wasn’t a thought you had on your own? Funny…..
Friday, October 8th, 2010
I am getting out of this place!! I cannot wait. I get discharged around 11am, Jeremy gets me in the car and we are headed home. When we get home it was an absolutely beautiful day, and all I want to do is go for a walk. Jeremy gets all the stuff out of the car, then helps me, I get on some other clothes, and we walk around the block. It wasn’t a very long walk, but it felt so good just being in the sun and moving. Fresh air is a wonderful thing and we shouldn’t take for granted.
The rest of the day I sat outside and enjoyed the sun. Jeremy had to watch his recorded shows, so company I was lacking. It would have been nice, but when I asked it was a burden to get him to come out and sit with me. Sometimes I don’t understand.
Later that night Heidi and Katy came by and asked us if we needed dinner. We didn’t, but Jeremy had to go to the store, so they walked with me around the block. I went so much further this time, and probably out a little over a half hour. It was awesome to just be able to move my body. They went to dinner, and I rested some more.
When Heidi and Katy got home we went over to their house for a little bit to visit. I talked about how I hadn’t had a bowel movement since last Monday morning and so Heidi and Jeremy went to the store. And boy did they come back with a plethora of constipation medicine. I tried the saline stuff and water – just half.
Nights were awful. It was hard to get comfortable, and I don’t care how much pain medicine you take it can never cut through the pain, I don’t know who they are kidding. It was a chore to get me to bed every night and for the most part Jeremy was good. He didn’t like being woken up from his sleep when I told him my ice melted or I needed more meds or help me up or can I have some water or….. I guess he couldn’t see the severity of my wounds to look past himself to give up a little sleep and comfort to help me in a time where helplessness was all there was. It caused fights, but I learned pretty fast to take care of myself and do more for myself.
Never went to the bathroom.
Saturday, October 9th, 2010
Beaver Game Day!!!
Well, I thought I would be a trooper and go to Mason’s soccer game (my nephew) in Monmouth, in the rain. The rain wasn’t so bad, but the drive was stupid. We got to the game, watched a bit, and headed home. Tried going to the store and we were headed to the car and I vomited. A lot. Outside of Ross Dress for Less. Sorry.
Got home, drank the other half of my constipation concoction and took a nap. The game started at 4pm and we were due at the Quirings down the street. Jeremy checked in on me and I said I wasn’t ready to get up and told him to head over there and I would call when I felt I was ready.  
He was only gone for maybe 10 minutes and my stomach was ready to explode. I run (well not run, but try to hurry as I struggle just to sit up from bed) to the bathroom, try and get my pants off, but in the meantime managed to pull on my drains, then it took my ace bandage down. Can’t go, false alarm. But now I have other issues. I call Jeremy.
He was there in minutes to see me standing there with my shorts barely pulled up, my drain balls in one hand and my wrap in the other and tears. I felt bad I had to call him so suddenly and he came home with his chili and chips in case we weren’t headed back over. He helped me get cleaned up and we went over there. Amy had some delicious chicken soup for me, I ate it, and not even a minute passed, I looked at Jeremy and said we have to leave. When nature calls and you know you took a lot of laxatives to help it along there is no way in hell I would use someone else’s bathroom. Besides it is that time of the month and that makes the whole thing worse.
Get home, get to the bathroom and sit. Half time has come and gone, third quarter is almost over by the time we get back over there. I had thought I was done three different times, showered three times, and finally my stomach was on hold. Thank god, I don’t think I could have cleaned up one more time. It wore me out. Back to Amy’s and I didn’t move from the recliner. In fact they let us borrow it for the remainder of my recovery since it is really comfy and easy to get in and out of. I am very appreciative.
Sunday, October 10th, 2010
Apparently not even your wife in pain with double major surgeries is going to keep this husband from going hunting. Bright and early Sunday morning he leaves to go. Right I know what everyone is thinking, and we all wonder still. My neighbors checked in on me at 9am, I was thankful because I needed help getting my breakfast and just getting moving. They were wonderful. The rest of the day was really uneventful, and I just laid around watching movies. Heidi and Krupp, next door, made dinner though and it was amazing. Thanks!
Monday, October 11th, 2010
Doctor appointment at 9am. They help get my bandages for the first time and boy was it hard. This is the moment I actually get to see what is underneath and how big they really are, and boy am I not ready, no, maybe this should wait. She didn’t wait. I felt myself flush and I have to sit down. The pain was incredible trying to get all the tape off and just seeing my “boobs” for the first time. She told me everything looked great and that was doing really good. I felt I was doing really well too, and it would be soon when I would be running around again. After the appointment Jeremy and I just screwed around in Corvallis, went shopping, etc and headed home about 3pm. I was exhausted and we didn’t do much the rest of the night.
Tuesday, October 12th, 2010
Puttin’ on the Pink Day! Amy came and got me around 9am and we headed on over to Corvallis to the free education day that Samaritan Health Services puts on. It was a great day, a long day, but a great day. I iced a couple of times during the day and that was a head turner, but I had to. Ice is my friend.
I got home about 4pm, took a nap and Jeremy was home at 5pm. We were headed to Philomath High School for their Volleyball Pink Out night and I wasn’t going to miss it. It was fun to see everyone and be up and moving. So many gave me good wishes and couldn’t believe where I was. Hey, it is hard to keep this body down and the more you move the less you hurt believe it or not. Again, pain meds really do nothing and I think you just take them to ease it a little, but the pain is incredible, intense, and obnoxious. I can choose to let the pain dictate my desires or I can be stronger I do what I want. I did what I want. Annoyances are just that, annoying, but they aren’t incapacitating.
Wednesday, October 13th, 2010
I slept in, well as much as I could before I started to hurt all over and had to start moving. Got up, went for a walk, and just relaxed the entire day. Jeremy got home from work around 3pm and he took me to LBCC so I could call the stats of the volleyball game – my side job. I love watching the games and as long as my mouth worked and my eyes could still see there was no reason I couldn’t go to the game and call stats. We stopped first at my offices and Amy’s office to say hi and I felt incredible. I was bragging because I could virtually function and didn’t feel any pain. YES!!! I was getting out of this fast and it felt good.
During the game I had some issues, but Jeremy got me some ice, and wrapped it around me while I was calling stats. I imagine it looked pretty funny, this big guy wrapping me with saran wrap to hold on to the ice while I was just lifting my arms and bobbing my head back and forth calling out the stats so Nicole could get them in the computer. It worked and it does take a lot more than that to distract me.
Thursday, October 14th, 2010
My mom came over and she helped me wrap Jeremy’s birthday present. I had gotten it for him before and had it hidden under the bed and in the closet and couldn’t wait to get it wrapped so he couldn’t figure out what it was. His birthday is on the 19th, but he would be out of town the following week so wanted to give it to him then.
I laid around pretty much the rest of the day, I felt off and couldn’t figure out way, but I just needed some rest apparently. Jeremy got home, opened his gift, he said he loved it, and then Amy came over for a bit. We talked for quite awhile and when she left, Jeremy and I went for a walk. I love my walks. Again something just didn’t feel right at all and more pain was starting to be apparent when I should be going on the down side of this thing. I was having a hard time moving my left arm and the pain was incredible. I ignored it and we went to Bingo night at Applebees with Jamie and Corey (starting to be a tradition of sorts), and Joel came too. It was fun, but I was just in a funk and it was annoying.
Got home, went to bed with this annoying pain.

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