Friday, October 1, 2010


It’s amazing to me the ‘niceness’ of people (yes, I know, not a word, but this is my blog and I will use whatever words I want, get your own), the things you never expect, just kind of happen, and catch you off guard. I have to admit that I am not used to this, all these gifts and thoughts and niceness, it is overwhelming, and wonderful! I am not sure I knew that I had so many people that cared about me, what a great feeling. I am not alone, and I really believe it.

First of all, a big THANK YOU to Jeremy's parents who said, "Yes, we will take Copper and Tikka for as long as you need us to, they love it here, no problem." You see, if you know Jeremy and I, you know how much we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our dogs (Copper has his own leopard skin blanket he sleeps with every night) and to neglect their exercise and love is not something we EVER do. We read the training books, watched the videos and when they say your dog needs AT LEAST an hour and a half of exercise everyday, we listen, when they need to use their "seeking" skills to fulfill their needs, we listen (this means taking them out of your confined house walls and yards into the world and allowing their noses to do the work. When you keep a dog confined to "his" area and he never gets to explore, then you are setting yourself up for a run-away dog and not so well behaved dog when out on a leash-the more time you spend with them out in the world, the more they don't feel the need to run - simple. Patience does pay off). Yes, we are made fun of ALOT for how much we walk and run our dogs, but we have happy, healthy dogs and are more than proud with how they turned out. And their 'grandparents' love them as much as we do and spoil them like crazy (they get to sleep in the bed sometimes), so we know we don't have to worry about neglect or lack of exercise with all their acres to run in. Thank you Laurie and Bob.

“Ricky-Bobby” family you are fabulous-way unexpected. Amy and coffee.... I thank you. And the people I work with, you are tremendously funny.... They played the Macarena and came filing in with pink gloves and great shirts and danced for me, my boss grabbed his butt as he turned…. hahahahaha. And the thoughtful gifts – but I must admit the Fiber One cereal cannot be topped – BJ cares about my bowels…. THANK YOU! And there have been others and more thoughts and words of inspiration – all appreciated the same! It all goes back to the little things.
I can’t describe the emotions that just take hold and won’t let go. These people care about me, they thought of me, why? I want to say it is because I am a good person, I am always the one to take care and help out everyone else. My husband and I always laugh how we are constantly doing for everyone else and we never really get to our stuff, oh well, that’s life. It feels good to make someone else smile, to finish a nagging project for someone and know you made a difference and made things easier. That’s what we do, I think that is why I love him so much.
We believe in Karma........
I think it found me. J


  1. Steph,What goes around comes around and now it's your time to receive all the love you have given to others.Copper and Tikka are doing great and they miss you. Take this time to really know who your friends are. We all care all the time, its just when going gets rough we all get softer and loving outwardly.

  2. Steph...Just wanted to let you know that I have taken some extra time off this month. From the 10th thru the 30th.So if you need me let me know...even a harmless game or two of Texas Hold Em!! ANTE UP!!LOVE YA, Aunt Jan