Sunday, October 10, 2010

Before Surgery

Tuesday, October 5th ,2010
There is something to be said about waiting for surgery – IT SUCKS!!! I mean REALLY SUCKS!!! The outfit is something to be desired, the heated tube that goes into your gown is AWESOME! For those of that don’t know, there is a tube that comes off the wall with hot air, and in your gown is built in a hole that this connects to, and wa-la you have heat, amazing really…..
Let me tell you the anxiety is something that just kills you, and you try really hard to think about other things. My mom, Jeremy and I watched TV and talked about the weather and took pictures to update facebook of course… who doesn’t do that?

I know cheey picture, but really I just learned about the heater, just wonderful. Jeremy kept facebook updated, that is what matters and everyone loves pictures.

All the doctors come in and ask you how you’re doing. Who actually tells the truth, “this is terrible, get me out of here,” oh no, we always, “doing great…” well not really, I said, “Can we please get started, this is dumb to have to wait this long, and besides, I am hungry and thirsty.” Doctor said soon…. And we wait…..
OK, off to surgery. Not sure what in the world I am doing with my hands here, but remember I am drugged at this time and quite honestly, I don’t even remember Jeremy snapping this one….. I am sure I told him to. Jeremy said someone ran into him from behind and snapped at him, BUT my nurses told her a thing or two and told Jeremy to go ahead and take the picture….. I know you all want a hat like this, don’t even lie….. it’s cool.

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