Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The drains are OUT!!!!!

Today the drains came out!!! If you saw these things you would be so stinking happy for me. I was sick of them already. Showering was awful, changing bandages, emptying them, etc. And the balls in the pocket thing was getting old. Since three weeks had gone by with them in to catch all the fluid from surgery, they had to come out. Not a fun experience, but no worse pain than waking up from surgery in that god awful pain, but rather an uncomfortable feeling when she pulled them out.

I also had the appointment with the PICC line people to clean it, change the dressing and make sure all was OK. It was, but I made sure they knew how badly I wanted the thing out and was hoping for Friday. Thursday would be my last full day of antibiotics and I just wanted it out. I am waiting for a phone call from them to say the doctor had ordered it. Haven't gotten it yet.

Besides all of this excitement, all things look good, or so they say. The pain is still ridiculous, and the pain pills are still used, thought I would be done with them by now, guess not. Finding new pains every day, want it to stop. Oh, and I finally shaved my arm pits - terrific! Well, Jeremy did it for me, not possible for me to really do it. Had to use an electric razor, but hey the long disgusting man hair is gone from the pits. You can do a dance for me now. I hope to be able to shave my legs soon, it is the bending over that is difficult.

Trust me I have my moments of loss. Just cry for no reason. Did it at the LBCC volleyball game callling stats the other night. Just teared up, nothing really happened just thought about my missing chest, and how much it hurt to just sit there. I think the pain has become very annoying and I get frustrated with it that it starts the tears. Experienced frustration last night and got a great response because he couldn't get to sleep, "Do you need anything?" There is no fixing it, and I hear the sigh.

Love and affection would be nice.


  1. One of the characteristics of a child is the inability to see past today. And the belief that pouting will somehow change circumstances to your favor.
    Jeremy is a shit.
    Or, maybe he's got psychic powers and has seen that hunting will not be allowed next year!?!?! Wow, maybe we should be in awe....
    NO. Jeremy is a shit.
    I wish I was closer - I'd love to see you. You are an energy source Steph, hang in there and know MANY MANY others love you to pieces!

  2. I hear you Steph, you just want someone at your side who you can fall upon. Rather it be to help you up the bleachers or cry yourself to sleep next to, you need someone to baby you a bit. AND I too would want it to come from my spouse rather than inconvenient anybody else, its who we are!